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Made by hand with a textured stoneware clay, glazed on the inside with a white gloss, speckles within the clay showing through.

Food and dishwasher safe


Approx sizes

Medium plate - 18.5 cm x 1.5cm

Medium dish  -  14.5 cm  x 3 cm

Small dish        -  12.5cm x 2 cm 

Breakfast bowl  - 17.5cm x 7.5cm


Please note price is for single item 


Due to the handmade process size and shape may vary slightly.


Set 1  $84.50

1x 18.5cm plate

1 x 14.5 cm med flat dish

1 x 10.5 cm spice dish


Set 2   $52.50

1 x 14.5cm med flat dish

1 x 10.5cm spice dish


Set 3   $42.50

1 x 13cm sml flat dish

1 x 8.5cm soy dish


Set 4 $35.00
2 x 8.5cm Soy dish


Set 5 $45.00

2  x 10.5 cm  spice dish


Neve collection single pieces

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