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I have been playing with clay all my life it seems. My earliest memories are playing with mud as a toddler in the form of pie making. From there I moved on to the more refined mud "clay" and at around the ages of 12-14 I was attending pottery classes. At this time my grandfather made me a pottery wheel which my parents allowed me to set up in a section of the garage. It was then I knew this is what I love. And even now while "playing" in the studio i feel most "at home "


Over the years I have always continued the passion with small breaks during different periods of my life.


Ratatak ceramics came about in 1998 when I had a studio in Tasmania. My studio was a converted veranda which I shared with my pet rat Ned.

Ned was a free range occupant of the studio and occasionally I would find that he had nibbled at some of my work, usually creating a decorative feature within the pot.


Hence Ratatak has been with me for some time now, alas Ned has not been so fortunate..


The work


All pieces are hand made in my Sydney studio, I do my best to accurately depict and describe the items in my shop and I ask that you keep in mind that all items are made by hand and by nature have slight variations.

The functional pieces I make are all food safe, dishwasher proof and microwave safe. 

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